Walking a Fine Line with Wellness

Let’s face it. With new laws and regulations some companies will test the limits of interpretation. Such is the case with some employer sponsored wellness initiatives. Many employers are turning to wellness or population health initiatives to help manage the cost of health care among their health plan participants. In doing so, some employers may be crossing the line when it comes to offering voluntary programs with harsh penalties for noncompliance.

At LHD we focus on incentives over penalties, and develop long-term employee education and engagement strategies. We believe that you may not get everyone onboard at first, but if you can show the positive effects of your programs, people will come around.

In the UBA blog post below Jennifer Kupper, In-House Counsel & Compliance Officer from UBA Partner Firm iaCONSULTING, provides an overview of four current suits filed by the EEOC and provides her take on the claims being made by both sides.

Wellness Programs Feeling the Heat as the EEOC Increases Its Efforts – Part 3


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