Boiler Up!

The Gateway to the Future arch, located near Stadium Avenue between the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering and civil engineering building, is a gift to the university from the classes of 1958 and 1959. The classes raised $550,000 to create the arch as well as an additional $175,000 for student scholarships to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the graduation of both classes from Purdue. (Purdue News Service photo/Andrew Hancock)

(Purdue News Service photo/Andrew Hancock)

At LHD we don’t play favorites when it comes to college sports because we partner with so many colleges and universities to improve the health of campus populations. At any given time we are cheering for a number of different educational institutions. This week we are excited to cheer for Purdue University!

Purdue recently announced the launch of a joint effort between their Human Resources and Student Life teams that will take a good hard look at the health resources on the West Lafayette campus to identify opportunities to make the delivery of care more efficient, effective and user-friendly for all students, faculty and staff.

Who will be helping Purdue launch this study, you ask? Why, LHD of course! We are very proud to conduct the comprehensive study of the services, offerings and facilities available to students and benefits-eligible faculty, staff and dependents.

For more information about the Purdue University program you can read the full article on the Purdue Today site.


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