LHD On the Move

We’ve been “On the Move” at LHD for the last six weeks. What do we mean by that? Well, this year we’re stepping up our wellness efforts by participating in the Wellness Council of America’s (WELCOA) On the Move Challenge. The overall goal of the program is simply to get employees up and moving more because they want to, not because they have to. We are at the half way point of this twelve week national corporate fitness challenge, and we’ve had great employee participation. Thirty out of fourty-four employees are participating in the challenge!

L to R: Doug McCollom, Jannie Gibson, Javonda Freeman, Shawnda Sparks, Justin DiBella

L to R: Doug McCollom, Jannie Gibson, Javonda Freeman, Shawnda Sparks, Justin DiBella

The Challenge is great for building camaraderie around the office, as our company is competing as a team against other companies. Individuals have a goal of earning 820 points each week, with some points being earned through online learning and assessment modules, but with the bulk of the points being earned by moving! Individuals have a goal of earning 100 points a day in movement alone, and it’s more challenging than you might think (translates to about 10,000 steps a day). Pretty much any fitness tracking device can be synced to the program, but you can also opt to manually track your movement.

Twelve weeks is a long time to keep employees engaged in a program like this, so we’ve been hosting healthy huddles on Wellness Wednesdays. We’ve had a scavenger hunt around the office, Simon Says stretching exercises, and beautiful Spring walks outside. Some employees have taken it upon themselves to host impromptu healthy huddles throughout the week, especially when the weather is nice. The level of engagement in the program has been great! Just last Friday a group decided to go for a stroll around the building and up and around the parking garage.

This isn’t a free program, but the cost is based on company size. If you’re interested in participating you can request a quote on their website.


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