Doing Memorial Day Right – Part 1

Playing it Safe on Memorial Day

Loaded cheeseburger at a patriotic themed BBQIt is a long stretch between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day. Sure, there are federal holidays in between, but Memorial Day is the first that most businesses honor with a day off. Below are some tips for enjoying this long weekend safely.

Grilling & Fire Safety

It’s probably been a good 6-7 months since you’ve fired up the grill. So, it can’t hurt to take a minute to inspect the propane fuel lines and make sure your grill isn’t positioned too close to any structures, trees, or high-traffic walkways. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby couldn’t hurt either.

Food Safety

The trick to keeping food safe at a picnic or barbecue is to keep food at a safe temperature and to keep it covered to prevent insects from depositing germs. Cold foods should be kept on ice or refrigerated and left out for no longer than an hour (keep temperature at 40 degrees F or below). Warm coleslaw and potato salad don’t sound very appetizing do they? Warm foods should be kept heated to at least 140 degrees F until served. To learn more about safe minimum cooking temperatures for meats visit

Sun Safety

Sunscreen is a no-brainer during summer months, but for many it takes that bad sunburn early in the summer season to relearn that lesson. Don’t be a slow learner, wear sunscreen and protect your eyes as well with a hat or sunglasses. Be sure to drink plenty of water, especially if enjoying adult beverages. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can be dangerous, and at a minimum they will ruin your day.

Indianapolis 500

It is official; the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 is sold out. That means there could be roughly 350,000 spectators at this year’s race. That’s a pretty overwhelming crowd, especially to a child. If you plan to take children to the race, consider taking part in the IMS Lost Child Program. Stop by any Q&A Zone (located at Gate 1, Gate 6, Pagoda Plaza or Fan Zone) to fill out a wristband for your child. The wristband will help the Safety Patrol reunite any lost children with their family. Also, you should establish a meeting spot with your group in the event that you become separated.

Make sure you lock your car and hide or remove any valuables that can be seen in plain sight. Carry your valuables in your front pockets and make sure purses are zipped and held close to the front of your body. Also, make sure you have a sober driver if you plan to partake in adult beverages and be sure eat enough food and drink enough water.


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