2024 Blood Pressure 101 Care Course


Feb. 7 – Mar. 13    |   Wednesdays   |   12:00PM – 12:45PM EST

Learn how to prevent, manage, and reverse high blood pressure without medication in this 6-Week Live, Interactive Care Course with LHD’s Population Health team of Certified Health Coaches and Instructors.

• How to measure and understand your blood pressure
• How to reduce blood pressure WITHOUT medication
• Managing high blood pressure through simple lifestyle changes
• How the Four Pillars of Wellness directly impact blood pressure and what you can do to manage and feel better
• Weekly Participation Giveaways

Registration ends on January 19th, 2024. 

Care Course Participant TestimonialLowering Blood Pressure Without Medication

Learning the Four Pillars of Wellness in LHD’s Care Courses helped Amy lower her blood pressure from 142/90 to 112/80!

If you are interested in understanding how to manage and/or tips on trying to reduce or eliminate the need for so much meds - this class will provide the tools and information to assist you. The facilitators are fabulous and so knowledgeable - sharing their own personal tips and habits to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Great sessions and sad that it's over!
Tina Bova
Course Participant
This course shined a light on a lot of the things I know I need to work on. It offered real examples of things I can do to help start making better decisions to improve my health overall.
Jeremy Farrow
Course Participant
I had no idea high blood pressure was one I could eliminate (when the time is right) with relatively minimal lifestyle changes. Even if you don't have HPB, I'd recommend this course. It focused on helping HBP, but really was a good overview of a healthy lifestyle.
Amy Kraft
Course Participant

Introduction to Blood Pressure

Feb 7th | 12:00PM EST

Nutrition 101

Feb 14th | 12:00PM EST

Mindful Movement

Feb 21st | 12:00PM EST

Stress Management

Feb 28th | 12:00PM EST

Importance of Sleep

Mar 6th | 12:00PM EST

Course Recap

Mar 13th | 12:00PM EST
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