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LHD is a full-service employee benefits firm. We partner with like-minded employers who have a genuine interest in improving the physical and financial well-being of their employees through the benefits that they offer. Our recommendations and strategies are designed to support and align with your goals.  Our fully-transparent fee structure allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, representing only their best interest.

How we do it…

We hold our clients and their workforce central to our core process throughout the development and implementation of their unique benefit programs. Our comprehensive approach to benefit plan designs requires that we understand our clients’ business objectives and unique challenges in order to offer the greatest overall value. Our strategies are grounded in disciplined, structured analysis and address not only the issues of today, but also anticipate the obstacles of the future. This approach ties together a fragmented health care system so that we can empower employees with tools and information they need to change their lives.

Staying true to our client-focused commitment, we only hire the best, most experienced benefits professionals and we empower them to provide innovative strategies, solutions and service for our clients. The results are: forward-looking, multi-year benefits plan designs; seamless plan implementation and administration; top-notch customer service, and engaged employees who appreciate the value of their benefits and who understand their role in reducing health care costs.

Your Benefits Have a Story to Tell


The Purdue University Story

See how Purdue University used tailored recommendations to create a benefits strategy that dramatically improved the health of their employees.



The MSD of Wayne Township Story

The MSD of Wayne Township not only cares about the children in their community, but also their employees. Learn how they worked with LHD to create a benefits strategy that focused on creating a culture of wellness, while also managing the financial impact on the district.