2021 Team Service Day 1: Gleaners

September 15, 2021

2021 Team Service Days

LHD is fortunate to have leadership that recognizes the importance of serving and supporting our community. The LHD Community Outreach Committee is grateful we were able to have everyone back together for the 2021 Team Service Days. Thank you to all participants! We served at four organizations this year: Gleaners, Little Sisters of the Poor, Brooke’s Place, and the Patachou Farm.

1 Hour of Volunteering = 127 Meals

The Gleaners volunteer group arrived at the warehouse facility at 8am and promptly divided into groups. Ben, Robin, Lisa, Patty, and Whitney were responsible for assembling and taping boxes for Gleaner’s home delivery service for those unable to visit the pantry. Meg, Brett, Sam, and Scott worked in the assembly line filling those boxes with non perishable goods. Javonda, Courtney, and Lori scanned and sorted donations from the pantry’s partnership with Kroger.

Every year, volunteers at Gleaners work the equivalent of 37 full time employees! The team’s competitive nature may have kicked in when they heard the average group of volunteers package 500 boxes in a morning shift. Our team was proud to kick it into overdrive on the assembly line taping 1,150 boxes and packaging 965 boxes, crushing the average of 500. The Kroger team scanned over TWO THOUSAND pounds of Kroger products.

1 in 5 Hoosiers is Facing Hunger.

On a yearly basis, hundreds of thousands of hungry Hoosiers depend on food and other critical grocery products provided by Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Gleaners supplies items to hunger relief agencies and schools throughout 21 counties in central and southeastern Indiana.

Our mission is simple and direct: To lead the fight against hunger. We do this by distributing food to hungry Hoosiers through a network of over 250 partner agencies in 21 counties, including emergency food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

Your time can make a big difference in the lives of hungry Hoosiers. Learn more about individual and group volunteer opportunities at gleaners.org.



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