LHD Adds Two Equity Partners

November 2, 2021


LHD Benefit Advisors Adds Two Equity Partners, Deepening Commitment to Local, Independent Ownership

The Indianapolis-based benefits consulting firm, LHD Benefit Advisors doubles its equity partners from two to four, further investing in its staff and clients.


INDIANAPOLIS – Marcus Bowling and Michael Piercefield were named equity partners of LHD Benefit Advisors (LHD) on November 2, 2021. Bowling and Piercefield join founders Jeff Hadden and Bill Drew, doubling the number of LHD’s equity partners from two to four. LHD is an employee benefits consulting firm that provides employers with high-value, high-performing employee benefit plans to attract and maintain the best talent possible. By increasing its equity partners, LHD is not only investing in its future growth and success but in its continued commitment to remaining a local and independent firm.

“We are proud to be an Indianapolis-based company, many of our own clients are headquartered in Indiana and we value the local connections,” said founding partner and President, Jeff Hadden. “By remaining an independent firm, we can invest more in our clients and our employees without being beholden to external investors or owners.”

“By adding two new equity partners, LHD is expanding our ownership team and doubling down on our culture of independence today and for decades to come. ” said founding partner Bill Drew. “LHD is a destination employer. Our culture has allowed us to attract and grow with top talent. By extending agency ownership through an internal succession, we’re laying the groundwork for future generations.” LHD has been on the list of Best Places to Work in Indiana for six consecutive years.

For the two new equity partners, the decision to invest in LHD was based on the culture, how it permeates into their work, and why culture is so critical for an employee benefits advisory firm. “I knew when I joined LHD 10 years ago that I wouldn’t ever want to work anywhere else,” said Piercefield. “Culture is a fragile thing that often gets disrupted when big changes like acquisitions happen. I want to continue to invest in LHD and its culture.” Bowling added, “As a former leader at one of the largest national carriers, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different firms across the state and county. When it came time to move my career forward and invest, I never considered joining a different firm. Becoming a partner and helping lead this firm into the future allows us to continue providing the best service, and upholding our reputation as a client-first, locally-focused, benefits advisory firm.”.

LHD Benefit Advisors is proud to be founded in Indiana and committed to remaining in Indiana to best serve its clients. LHD continues to develop the best possible benefit offerings for its clients and is committed to being a trusted partner for years to come.



About LHD: Founded in 2001 and Winner of ‘Best Places to Work in Indiana’ for six years running, LHD Benefit Advisors is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state of Indiana, providing competitive benefit options to Hoosier employers. LHD operates by the philosophy that their independence allows them to put clients first, not stakeholders or private equity. LHD is committed to client success by creating custom, high-value benefit plans for employees that help attract and retain the best talent.

Bill Drew joined virtually for the signing party and a toast to the new partners!

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