Population Health and Wellbeing HR Forum

February 20, 2019

LHD hosted its first, quarterly Population Health & Wellbeing HR Forum earlier this month. The Health & Wellbeing HR Forum included 2019 Top Trends and Strategies in Employee Well-Being were shared with group discussion around what employers need to know and do. Key findings from multiple research and reports found the following Top 10 Areas of Investment that employers will focus on in 2019:

2019 Top 10 Employee Wellbeing Trends & Strategies

  1. Engagement
  2. Whole Person Health/Self-Care
  3. Personalization
  4. Digital & Accessible Platforms
  5. Family & Lifestyle Focus
  6. Consumerism
  7. Lifestyle Medicine
  8. Stress Management/Mental & Emotional Well-being
  9. Financial Well-being
  10. The 3 C’s – Culture, C-Suite, Communication

Whether your organization has 10 or 1,000 employees, it’s never too late to implement a workplace health & well-being program. Here’s just one resource to help you get started or enhance your current program offering. Check out how The America Heart Association’s Workplace Health Program Solution can support your initiatives and help create a culture of well-being at your workplace.

For information on how LHD Benefits can help with your employee health & well-being plan, contact Susan Van Hoosen, Population Health Strategist svanhoosen@lhdbenefits.com

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