Employee Communication
& Engagement

How can increased employee engagement affect your bottom line? A recent study shows that respondents with higher engagement ratings are 20% more profitable. (Gallup 2018)

Using resources and tools, we’ve developed unique ways for your employee population to stay engaged throughout the year. As we gather data and insight on your existing communication strategy, we’ll create goals and track success based on pre-identified KPIs. An effective employee communication and engagement initiative should:

  • Understand and complement your culture
  • Align the interests of employers and employees through health ownership
  • Develop, track, and improve key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Increase perceived value of the benefits plan as a component of total compensation
  • Help your people help themselves

From Execution
To Complete Follow-Through

LHD will walk your team through all internal and external inputs and deliverables, as well as through our complete implementation strategy, execution, and ongoing result measurements.

STEP 1Measure

Gather Data and Insight - Gather data and insights from sources such as carrier utilization reports, historical data, surveys, and benchmarking.

STEP 2Client Discovery & Plan

Use a discovery document to identify data points that matter and conduct gap analysis reports. Using those data points, define goals, create a strategy, and gather resources from the client and outside vendors.

STEP 3Communicate

Create talking points for leaders, attend benefit fairs, share the communication calendar, and utilize open enrollment as a chance to share vision, goals, and opportunities for the benefit program.

STEP 4Advocate

Train the HR manager, create health advocates, and engage call center support.
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