Frank joined the LHD team in July 2006

Frank is responsible for developing and executing new and existing employer benefit platforms and overall strategy, both financial and administrative. He has experience in all levels of employee benefit analysis, including strategic plan design, self-funding arrangements, wellness initiatives, and ancillary plans.

Frank is passionate about helping his clients navigate the challenges that today’s benefit environment presents. From ACA, to challenging renewals, to employee communication, Frank is an advisor who sees the big picture and helps employers develop strategies that address their unique challenges.

Frank has 27 years of experience working in the benefits industry. His career is firmly rooted in helping HR departments by providing them with his expertise and helping them gain access to valuable resources and tools. Early in his career he helped employers implement their payroll systems, and then graduated to helping employers implement and educate employees on their retirement plans.

Frank attended Western Illinois University and graduated cum laude with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance.

250 W. 96th Street, Suite 350
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260
(317) 705-1600

Frank's Clients

“We have formed a strong partnership with LHD. Our account team understands our organization’s challenges and provides a thoughtful and strategic approach. With LHD’s guidance, we are able to offer a comprehensive and supportive benefits package to our team members while also focusing on cost savings for our company.”

Lisa Rees

Gene B. Glick Co.

“LHD has been a trusted partner of SEP for 8 years. They have consistently provided solid advice to us, both as a growing company and individually to our employees. Having them as part of our team allows us to remain focused on running our business, while they take the ball and handle providing outstanding benefits to our employees.”

Traci Dossett


“During new client onboarding, LHD completely immersed themselves in our benefit plans and immediately identified areas for enhancement, improvement, and significant cost savings. They have been providing innovative service ever since.  LHD is a true partner to our business, aligning with our goals to provide a full benefits package to attract and retain quality talent.

Anne Wiseman

FORUM Credit Union


Working at LHD is exciting and rewarding.  Not only do I get to work with great teammates, we partner with great clients in navigating a challenging industry.

  • Work experience
  • 2006-
    Frank Joined the LHD team in 2006 originally as a Senior Benefits Consultant and is now a Principal as of 2020.
  • 1989-1993
    Frank attended Western Illinois University where he studied Finance, Banking, Economics, and Risk Management.
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