Jeff is one of our four original founders and represents the "H" in LHD.

Jeff is Partner and Co-founder of LHD Benefit Advisors. He works primarily with large size employers and has particular expertise in the areas of managed care network evaluation, disease management, and utilization management.

Jeff has extensive experience in a variety of projects including benefit plan strategy development, insurance carrier and plan administrator evaluation, vendor and managed care plan renewal negotiations, managed care network evaluation, health plan utilization analysis, flexible benefit plan design and administration, health plan benefit design issues influencing utilization patterns, mergers and acquisitions, and employee benefit communications.

Prior to founding LHD Benefit Advisors, Jeff served as the head of the employee benefit practice at William M. Mercer, Incorporated in Indianapolis. Earlier in his career, Jeff served in the marketing department at Travelers Insurance and as the Director of Marketing for Prudential Health Plans in Indiana and Southwest Ohio.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Iowa State University and his Master of Business Administration from Butler University.
250 W. 96th Street, Suite 350
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260

Jeff's Clients

“It has been a great experience working with LHD. Jeff and his group have been very easy to work with and have given their undivided attention to our health insurance and to our unique situation. I have been very happy for the past 10 years of LHD’s professionalism and expertise.”

Doug M. MTT

Huntington County Community Schools

“LHD Benefit Advisors has been a driving force in Purdue’s ability to tell the story of our benefits. As we continue to look for and explore new ways to approach and share our information, the LHD team is complementary to the innovative nature that sets Purdue apart from the rest.”

Candace S. MTT

Purdue University

“LHD Benefit Advisors has been providing consulting service to the NCAA for 20 years on staff benefits, including due diligence and selection of benefits vendors. The advice provided has allowed the NCAA to maintain a competitive, cost effective benefit program. We would recommend LHD Benefit Advisors to others with similar service needs.”



“I was introduced to Jeff Hadden in 2004 when I started my career at the Indiana Credit Union League, where I am responsible for the management of our association health plan. Over the years, we have made major changes to our plan structure and LHD played a major role in making that transition. LHD is extremely knowledgeable, hard-working professionals who care about our clients as much as we do. I attribute much of the success of our plan to the team at LHD. Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

Diana A. MTT

ICUL Service Corp


Ultimately, I want to be viewed as a true partner to our clients. I want our collaborated efforts to provide long-term impact for each clients’ organization.

Jeff Hadden's Signature
  • Work experience
  • 1999-
    Jeff, along with his three cofounders, created LHD in 1999 and quickly grew it into one of the largest firms in the state.
  • 1990-1999
    Jeff served as the Head of Employee Benefit Practice at William M. Mercer.
  • 1988-1991
    Jeff earned his MBA in Finance from Butler University
  • 1984-1990
    Jeff started in the marketing department at The Travelers and ultimately became Director of Marketing at Prudential Health.
  • 1980-1984
    Jeff attended Iowa State University and received his Bachelor of Business Administration.
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