Mental Fitness 101

May 1st – June 5th, 2024    |   Wednesdays   |   12:00PM – 12:45PM EST

Learn how the four pillars of health can directly impact and improve mental fitness and emotional health in this 6-episode live, interactive Care Course from LHD’s population health team.

  • How to seek help proactively through primary care and behavioral health resources
  • How to self-assess and build coping skills for behavior risks
  • How to learn about brain health and its connection to lifestyle diseases
  • How to combat mental health stigma
  • How to improve stress management for self and to support others

Participants will receive a welcome packet and have access to a panel of Mental Health First Aid Certified Professionals and Health Coaches.

Care Course Participant
D. England
"Take the time out of your schedule to do something for yourself - you're worth it. The course will be worth your time and it'll help you feel better and have the tools needed to help at work and at home."
Care Course Participant
"This course has really made me think about stress and better recognize the triggers that bring it on. Also am better able to reduce those stress signals using techniques in the course."
Care Course Participant
M. Ford
"This course is full of relevant and timely information. It’s helped me change my sleeping habits, improve my exercise habits, and choose more health foods. I would tell anyone that is on the fence about this class to consider the time needed to complete this course as an investment with high returns on your health. The information shared in this course could save your life by identifying bad habits and encouraging changes."
Care Course Participant
D. Heylmann
"Take the course - you don't know what you don't know. There will be something that will stand out to you. I'm being more mindful of what I eat and trying to reduce the stress factors in life. I didn't realize how much stress was affecting me until I started monitoring sleep, eating and daily activities."

Introduction to Mental Fitness

May 1st | 12:00PM EST

Nutrition & Brain Health

May 8th | 12:00PM EST

Life Enhancing Movement

May 15th | 12:00PM EST

Stress Management

May 22nd | 12:00PM EST

Sleep Health

May 29th | 12:00PM EST

Program Recap

June 5th | 12:00PM EST
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