Proving Population Health Can
Make A Difference

We’re proving why wellness and population health are more than a “soft benefit”. A successfully executed population health plan will lower your company’s claim costs, lower costs for an individual, identify risks and trends, increase employee participation, improve individual health and company culture, and so much more. Whatever your goals, we have a solution. Unsure of your goals? We can help with that too; we’ll help you discover, define, and measure your population health goals.

By strategically aligning healthcare data and resources with employee populations, we deliver custom, data-driven programs with proven success.

Through our partnership with Vital Incite, our population health strategy allows us to leverage your unique claims data to deliver meaningful, actionable, and research-based solutions as well as identify risks and trends. Our access to data also allows us to accurately track and measure your population health goal outcomes in order to provide true ROI.

Josh Drake Pop Health

Employer Perspective

Our partnership with LHD has become even more valuable with the addition of Population Health. Now we can make more informed, strategic decisions with the data we are given through Vital Incite. The addition of having a dedicated wellness coach and the full support of Susan’s team has allowed us to provide immense value to our staff and their families. We can now provide more resources and additional programming that target areas of population health risks.
Josh Drake, Director of HR & Talent Acquisition
Allyson Pop Health

Weight Loss

I’ve had multiple health issues resulting in weight gain of almost 50 pounds. I was miserable mentally and physically. I decided to meet with our LHD Health Coach. We set weekly and daily nutrition and exercise goals. After losing 40 pounds, I met with my doctor and was able to cancel my scheduled knee replacement surgery. My health coach, Courtney, challenged me and held me accountable. I'm happier, healthier, and thriving in my new lifestyle.
Allyson, LHD Health Coach Client
Healthy Lifestyle Pop Health

Healthy Lifestyle

I started working with the LHD Health Coach provided by my employer and have lost 58 pounds! My health coach suggested lowering my carbohydrate intake. The first few weeks were difficult, but a low-carb diet has proven to be easy for me to maintain. I no longer have cravings and have more of a focus on physical activity. I take the stairs, use the treadmill desk more, and stand the majority of the day while working. I love it!
LHD Health Coach Client
Population Health Family

Family Health Changes

I participated in a Wellness Program Lunch-n-Learn provided by my employer and LHD. We learned how to take our own blood pressure and how to understand the reading. I discovered my blood pressure was very high. I started to exercise daily and changed my diet. Thanks to our wellness program I lowered my blood pressure and developed healthy habits. My family also joined me, and now we all have a daily routine of physical activities that keep us healthy and happy.
LHD Health Coach Client
Hypertension Reversal Pop Health

Hypertension Reversal

I never used to exercise or think about the nutritional value of the food I was eating. My blood pressure was 135/95 and I was at risk of hypertension. I decided to make a change and became more engage with our wellness program. Two years later my blood pressure is 120/80 and I'm down 25 pounds. I feel better and have the confidence that I can make real change in my life and overall health.
LHD Health Coach Client

Health Risk

Our clients engaged with an LHD Health Coach reduced concurrent health risk an average of 6%

PMPM Spend

Clients engaged with a Health Coach experience PMPM medical spend 1% below the national trend.

Chronic Health

Clients engaged with a Health Coach experience Diabetes & Blood Pressure improvements 5% above national trend.


National stats show health coaching participants are overall more engaged in their healthcare and show improved outcomes.
Treadmill Triangle Pop Health

A Solution for
Every Stage

We break down an employer’s population health strategy into three main categories; wellness as a perk, participation driven wellness, and results and outcomes driven wellness. We provide insights and strategy for all three cultures, and unique reporting capabilities whether you’re interested in a value on investment or traditional return on investment.

From employee communication management to health and wellness consulting all the way to full data health plan analytics and proactive trend recognition, we have a solution to fit your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our unique custom wellness program management strategies, contact us today.

A health coach is one of the biggest ways to make immediate impact. In just weeks, a health coach can improve health risk scores, lower ER utilization and pharmacy cost, and even improve overall mental wellbeing.
Whether your company has never focused on wellness, you're currently working to build your culture with existing programs, or you have a robust strategy backed by data; we have a program to elevate your results.
We've executed numerous successful tobacco cessation programs. Our experts can navigate your team through a participation- or outcomes-based program.
We've created strategies to address the three biggest chronic lifestyle conditions that drive healthcare spend: diabetes/obesity, blood pressure, and mental health.
Financial wellbeing is one of the five key points of total wellbeing. We partner with proven programs we trust to give your employees confidence and security in their current and future financial states.

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