We are more than an insurance broker for our clients. Our fully transparent fee structure allows us to be your objective partner when evaluating vendors and carriers. Our clients rest easy knowing that they have a plan that balances cost with employee wellbeing, and that they have a partner who delivers a comprehensive, forward looking employee benefits strategy. Our goal is always to help you manage your fastest growing expense: employee health care benefits.

Driven by advances in data analytics technology, population health has the potential to drive physical and financial change for employers and their employees. Population health is the combination of data-driven knowledge about the health and habits of your employee population, and targeted health improvement strategies. By focusing on improving the long-term health of your employee population, we can positively affect future medical spend risk and the overall quality of life of your employees. By identifying opportunities and efficiencies to help you make informed decisions about your health plan, incentives, and wellness strategy you can ultimately decrease the cost of health care for you and your employees.

Retirement Services

We work in lock step with our friends at LHD Retirement to incorporate group retirement into the overall total compensation strategy for our clients. We share more than a common brand. We approach employee benefits with the same holistic philosophy and dedication to top notch service.

LHD Retirement