Employee Benefits

Solutions Designed for Change

These days there is a lot of risk associated with employer-sponsored health care benefits. Employers are dealing with rising health care costs and increased governmental regulation that they struggle to manage. We offer a specific set of solutions to help employers navigate through this time of change and help them mitigate the risk.

Custom-Built Benefit Strategies

Long-Term Cost Containment Strategies

Scheduled Plan Maintenance & Measurability

Employee Education & Engagement Strategies

Administrative & Compliance Support

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Support Tools & Strategic Services

You can’t get to the solutions you want without resources. Our partnership with UBA provides us access to top of the line tools and resources. Couple these with our unparalleled service and experience, and the sky’s the limit. Behind each category below are a number of tools and services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Health Plan Analysis & Strategy

Employee Education & Engagement



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The Benefits Blueprint

Just like you can’t build a solid structure without a blueprint, you can’t create an effective benefits package without a strategy. At LHD, we create a Benefits Blueprint to guide the direction and overall implementation of our projects.

We believe in action over talk, so we would like to create a complimentary Benefits Blueprint for you. You need only to invest the time it takes to complete the discovery process and the Blueprint review. In the end, you have a comprehensive benefit strategy that is yours to do with as you like.

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