Population Health

Historically, companies have struggled with the best way to package and deliver benefits to attract talent and retain staff. Today, companies understand that they need to leverage a variety of solutions to provide meaningful healthcare coverage, promote well-being and mitigate cost. Our Population Health solutions deliver the insight needed to strategically align healthcare resources to meet the needs of employee populations.

About LHD Population Health

Data is the driving force behind the LHD Population Health Solution. We use it to:

  • Identify health risks trends within an employee population
  • Understand how employees are accessing healthcare
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of health benefit and wellness programs
  • Hold ourselves and vendor partners accountable to improve health risks and expenses

We use what we learn from the data to develop program objectives, set impact expectations and track the effectiveness of the program.

The LHD Population Health Difference

Powerful Analytic Capabilities

vitalincite_horizontal_ no tag_SOur comprehensive program is powered by Vital Incite, our proprietary analytics tool. Vital Incite turns healthcare data into actionable intelligence so that employers can make informed decisions about the health and wellness programs they offer to employees. We combine multiple sources to increase the predictive power of the data, including:

  • Claims Data (medical,Rx claims)
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Biometric Data
  • Vendor Data (price transparency, coaching, onsite clinic, CMDM)

This information allows us to better understand the needs of the entire population, and provides the unique opportunity to define objectives for meeting those needs. By effectively and efficiently meeting those need, we can mitigate the financial and physical burden for the individuals that we serve, while also helping the employer avoid costly medical expenses down the road.

Objective Solutions

We are focused on the big picture, helping employers manage their health care spend and helping employees improve their health. We don’t try to solve employer problems with our own solutions. We identify which resources are required, assist an employer in choosing the provider of those resources and then continue to monitor the impact of those programs.

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LHD Population Health Advisory Board

We work with some of the most influential thought leaders and medical professionals in Indiana to stay abreast of the most current trends and research affecting our population health initiatives.

Meet the Advisory Board