AREAS OF EXCELLENCEFinancial Underwriting
& Analysis

Our people-focused, data-driven approach improves underwriting principles and combines culture with performance. Our unique strategy and approach aligns human resource’s desire to improve corporate culture and a CFO’s focus on fiscal responsibility.

Our Approach

Turn Data & Information Into Action

LHD’s team of Financial Analysts monitors your plan’s performance and provides actionable reports throughout the year. Armed with a suite of proven tools, we evaluate your employee population to make recommendations for intelligent plan modification.

STEP 1Renewal Development

Our team uses the same underwriting methodologies as insurance carries to develop renewal projections based on claims, enrollment, growth, adjustments, trends, fees, and plan changes.

STEP 2Plan Modeling

Our sophisticated tools model the impact of changes to the medical and prescription drug plans, allowing you to work toward a budget, mitigate increases, forecast the impact to employees, and determine cost share.

STEP 3Benchmarking

We use the largest and most comprehensive employee benefit plan tool in the world for accurate benchmarking. Including data on more than 19,000 employer plans, we evaluate the impact of geography, industry, and group size on your benefits strategy.

STEP 4Business Development

All expenses related to the benefit plan are assessed and the projected budget is updated with the final headcounts. Any ad hoc reporting is completed, and the preparation for the next renewal is underway.
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