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We recognize the pivotal role HR plays in your organization's success. Our suite of services, including adept vendor management, unwavering compliance guidance, and cutting-edge benefits administration technology, is designed to empower your HR department. Let us be your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of HR management so that your team can focus on what matters most—your people. Explore our services today and experience HR support redefined.

Vendor Management

As one of the largest advising groups in the state, vendors know our volume and understand our business model.


We provide frequent updates and insights on state and federal regulatory compliance topics through a variety of resources.

Ben Admin Technology

PlanSource allows us to act as an extension of your HR through implementation, open enrollment, and beyond.

Client focused,
Results driven

The key to a successful relationship is trust and transparency between the client and the agent.

LHD believes every client relationship is a true partnership. Our clients know their business, and we know benefits. The only true success comes from trustworthy collaboration and the ability to encourage honest and open discussions.

Data is the driving factor behind our decision making and plan building process. We are able to confidently make decisions through our strategic partnership with Vital Incite. Vital Incite collects plan information that allows LHD to proactively identify risk and opportunities based on the unique actions of your employee population. This data is available to clients and reports are emailed on a monthly basis.

Another aspect of transparency is our pricing, billing, and service offerings. We’ll discuss our cost structure line-by-line, the advantages, the opportunities, potential for growth, and we never pressure clients to spend more than they need to execute a successful and high performing plan.

Population Health & Wellness
Analyze population health trends to help companies make an impact on employer cost and health.
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