Empower your Employees to Live HealthierTransform employee well-being and productivity with an LHD Wellness Program.Live Healthy Daily LogoLive Healthy Daily Logo
Stress Management

Empower your Employees to Live Healthier

Transform employee well-being and productivity with an LHD Wellness Program.


The Unhealthiest 20% Spend 80% of your Plan's Money

Chronic health conditions drive high-cost claims. Unhealthy employees are absent and un-productive. Empower your employees to take ownership of their health.

Beginning A Healthier Lifestyle Is Hard & Overwhelming

LHD Wellness Programs Make It Easy & Attainable

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Discover how LHD’s programs can help you design a healthier company culture, lower claim costs, and increase employee engagement.


How We Help

Proven success mitigating client's chronic disease risk
1-1 health coaching that makes lifestyle changes easy
Quarterly webinars on the 4 Pillars of Wellness
Existing program audits and compliance reviews
Custom wellness websites designed with your branding
Carrier and vendor evaluation to ensure best outcomes
Wellness toolkits and campaigns for employees
Program coordination/implementation support for HR

How it Works


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Empower your People

Health Coaching
A health coach is one of the biggest ways to make immediate impact.
Wellness Programs
Implemented, managed, and marketed to each employee to ensure adoption.
Tobacco Cessation
Nobody quits alone. Help your employees kick butts.
The Big 3 Slow Killers
Diabetes, hypertension, and mental health issues plague workforces.



Health CoachingAllyson Lost 75 Pounds to Avoid Surgery

With the looming risk of knee-replacement surgery, Allyson engaged with an LHD Health Coach to make an approachable plan to weight loss that transformed her life.

Bananas in the Breakroom Won't Cut It.

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