Beth joined the LHD team in January 2003.

Beth Tollison is a Lead Account Manager for LHD Benefit Advisors.  In addition to leading the large group account management team, Beth serves as the Account Manager for several of our large clients. During Beth’s 17 years with LHD, a majority of her clients have been public sector and college/university employers. Beth has also played a leading role in the selection and implementation of LHD’s technology portals with emphasis on the design of employer benefit administration systems.

Beth’s previous experience includes eight years with a major national insurer where she worked with clients on case implementation and ongoing service issues. In addition, Beth supervised the marketing support staff.

When Beth isn’t in the office you’ll typically find her exploring the outdoors. She enjoys boating, hiking, and camping, but her greatest joy is spending time with her children and 6 (almost 7) grandchildren!

250 W. 96th Street, Suite 350
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260
(317) 705-1600
Beth & Family at Waterfall
Beth White Water Rafting
Beth's Grandkids
Beth & Family
Beth Hiking with Family
Beth's Family Snow Day


“The reason I’ve been with LHD for 17 years is simple. I am surrounded by people who care deeply about our clients, strive to provide the highest quality results for our clients, and support each other completely in that endeavor.”

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  • 2003-
    Beth joined LHD in August of 2003.
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