Updated White Paper – Are you prepared for a Department of Labor Audit?

Department of Labor (DOL) Audits White PaperWe recently updated our “Don’t Roll the Dice on Department of Labor Audits” white paper. This white paper can be a great resource to guide employers through the process of an audit from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Gleaned from DOL audit experts, including our very own Jeff Hadden, the revised white paper for 2016 includes new and valuable information about:

  • How to prepare for an audit
  • The best way to acclimate staff to the audit process
  • What the DOL wants
  • The most important elements of complying with requests
  • 7 common mistakes that could trigger an audit

These revisions have further enhanced the value of this resource and made it as up-to-date as possible. DOL audits should not be taken lightly, but with proper planning and preparation they can be manageable.

A DOL audit is not a simple process and usually takes a company approximately one to two weeks to prepare, depending on the size of the business and how well they are organized. Part of that preparation is building an audit binder with known documents.

In addition, there is usually a specific set of steps to take once an employer receives an audit letter from the DOL. This newly updated white paper will detail those steps and more, including how to plan ahead, conduct a self-audit, educate appropriate staff and resolve any issues.

One of your strongest allies in a DOL audit should be your benefit advisor. At LHD we have helped several of our clients through the DOL audit process and we have resources that can help. Download these complimentary sample audit questions to see if you are ready for an audit.

You can also download your copy of the white paper for more information about the audit process and for tips for how to plan ahead for an audit.

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