LHD Corporate Wellness Win

LHD Places in Top 25 of WELCOA On the Move Competition

WELCOA_On the MoveLHD recently participated in the Wellness Council of America’s (WELCOA) national challenge to get employees across the country On the Move and placed in the Top 25 most active companies in the small business category. The On the Move competition is focused on fueling national corporate health initiatives to combat physical inactivity and initiate behavior change. Eighty-four companies representing almost 80,000 employees participated in this 12-week online challenge spanning April, May and June. The challenge engaged employees with educational resources, behavior change incentives, social support and, of course, movement.

“Our goals for participating in the completion were to build energy in the office, drive employee comradery, and to simply get people up and moving,” said Jennifer Jones, Population Health Strategist and program leader. “Our team was definitely up to the challenge and came up with fun ways to work movement into their days. Our Wellness Committee members volunteered to host healthy huddles throughout the week to get people up and moving.”

Employees tracked their activity types, duration and intensity to work toward 100 “Move points” each day. Taking in metrics like intensity and activity type, the On the Move algorithm allowed participating organizations to encourage employees to truly move when they wanted, how they wanted, and how much they wanted to reap all of the rewards of an active lifestyle.
By participating in the On the Move National Challenge, organizations around the country took a stand for more movement and improved cultures of wellbeing for their employees. In fact, the challenge has been shown to cut sedentary behavior in half and revolutionize worksites for physical activity— over 80% of employees who complete the challenge say they will continue to be active in the long term.

When asked about the main goal of the challenge, Ryan Picarella, President of WELCOA responded, “We knew that people sitting at their desks all day was killing them and that workplace cultures were suffering along with employees. Traditional wellness program challenges do not zero in on culture change or connect employees with “whys” for being active that matter to them—so we created something that did. On the Move is designed to build a culture for more movement into an organization. We thought, why not start a movement where employees can move when they want, how they want and how much they want and get credit for all of it?”

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