Special Report: Trends in Prescription Drug Benefits

Cover_OutlinedOne of the things that really sets LHD apart from our competitors is our affiliation with United Benefit Advisors (UBA). As a UBA partner firm, we can offer our clients the attention and focus of an independent benefit advisory agency with the resources and support of a national organization. One such resource is the UBA Health Plan Survey; the nation’s most comprehensive benchmarking survey of health plans.

UBA also uses the survey to generate topic specific reports throughout the year. The most recent report to be generated by the survey is the Trends in Prescription Drug Benefits. This report details the latest employer trends in prescription plans by region, by industry, and by employer size.

  • Find out who is moving to self-funded plans—and who is moving to fully-insured plans.
  • Discover which employers are increasing tiers aggressively for cost savings (including those making the early leap to 5-tier plans)—and the groups resisting 4+-tier plans.
  • Look at the steady move away from copay-only prescription models to blended copay/coinsurance models.
  • Benchmark your prescription drug copays.
  • See who is requiring employees to pay more when they elect brand-name drugs over an available generic.
  • Find out who has the best and worst mail order plans and look at prescription drug plan features most prominent in each region of the country.

Download your complimentary copy of the Special Report: Trends in Prescription Drug Benefits.

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