COVID-19 Employee Wellbeing Recommendations

LHD has developed recommended strategies to support your population health and wellbeing initiative right now. Download the strategy document here. 








  • Direct employees and members to proactively schedule their annual physical & reserve their spot during the inevitable July-October rush.
  • Remind them to schedule dental cleanings as well!


  • Leverage & create more awareness of carrier wellness tools & resources
    • TeleHealth
    • Nurse Lines
    • Chronic condition & case management resources and programs
    • Behavioral counseling TeleHealth
    • Provide instructions and reminders to download the app and set up their profile
  • Encourage members to set up home delivery for medications to keep members safely distanced, at home, and compliant with meds/refills. (Most restrictions have been lifted on retail pharmacies mailing prescriptions)


  • Create more awareness of EAP & other mental health, stress management, and anxiety support resources • Leverage FREE online resources from American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Lung Association, and Mental Health America of Indiana
  • Promote FREE Asthma Basics Toolkit & Monitoring Tracker and other lung health resources
  • Check out the LHD COVID-19 Knowledge Center for complete information around managing your business; maximizing your benefits; and engaging, preserving, and motivating your workforce.


  • Virtual wellness coaching for 1-1 engagement & improved health outcomes for targeted chronic conditions
  • Daily virtual stretch breaks • Enhanced EAP & online counseling services
  • Virtual physical therapy (Musculoskeletal Health) sessions with physical therapist
  • Online digital resources & program support communications from LHD Population Health

For more information, please contact our Population Health team at



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