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Everyone knows how difficult it can be for employees to navigate and understand their health benefits plan. Instead of using their plan effectively to get the healthcare services and support they need, they may only end up frustrated and confused, which can lead to disengagement. Since the whole point of an employer providing health benefits is to achieve and maintain a
healthier workforce, the last thing any company needs is its employees not utilizing their health benefits because they don’t understand how they work. The question here is whether your human resources team has the bandwidth to provide this element of customer service. Given the state of most HR departments today (understaffed, overworked, burned out, and under-resourced), one of the best business decisions a company can make is to take advantage of a key service we offer at LHD which is our health benefit customer service management.

The LHD Vendor Management Process

At LHD, we offer a multi-step process for total vendor management. This will take a huge burden off the shoulders of your HR team so they can focus on other priorities. With LHD as your liaison with vendors, you can rely on our proactive team approach throughout the following process:

  • Step 1 RFP: This is where we handle the all-important request for proposal piece of the puzzle to negotiate with vendors to obtain the most competitive annual renewal.
  • Step 2 Implementation: In this step, we help administer the year’s benefit changes with the carrier and resolve any issues.
  • Step 3 Contract Review: Too often, this essential step is overlooked. LHD will carefully review the quality and accuracy of all contracts.
  • Step 4 Client Management: Here is where LHD helps with HR training, making any term and contact changes, and assists with managing payroll updates.
  • Step 5 Benefit Administration: LHD’s benefit administration system simplifies onboarding, management, and renewal.
  • Step 6 Customer Service: We offer ongoing customer services for claims, Rx, eligibility, or billing issues.

This page focuses on the third step of the vendor management process, which is Customer Service.

The Technology of Health Plan Administration

Health plans, despite everyone’s best efforts, can be complicated. Presenting them in a way that helps employee members get the most out of them requires the right technology. What employees need is a well-designed portal, meaning a website that is easy to navigate and presents health plan information in an easy-to-understand format, is mobile-friendly, leads members to the actions they need to take, and prominently shows how they can get questions answered. This should include multiple ways for them to get customer service support so people can engage in communicating the way they prefer.

At LHD, we took a hard look at many different platforms. In fact, we put a tremendous amount of time and effort into selecting something we knew could serve employers, HR teams, and employees to meet all their health benefit plan administration needs. When it was all said and done, we knew we’d found a winner with PlanSource. It’s a cloud-based technology system that helps employers with benefits enrollment, billing, compliance, and administration.

We partner with PlanSource because it makes everything related to the health plan less burdensome, including communication, enrollment, compliance, and billing. It’s intuitive and mobile-friendly, is backed by sophisticated technology that simplifies things for end-users, and offers all the modern integrations most employers want. LHD’s deep expertise and this superior technology are a winning combination for employers and their employees when it comes to health benefit plan administration.

Customer Service in Health Plan Administration

Employees will always have questions about their health benefits plan. Unique situations inevitably arise. They need to feel like they can get the support they need to make good choices and get the most out of their health benefits. LHD’s approach to health benefit customer service management is to ensure every employee gets that support. Whether it’s a truly unique situation or something as simple as getting ID cards, when employee members can’t get it done through the portal, they’re going to want real customer service support. LHD is happy to manage as much of that as your company desires, and your HR team will thank you for it!

LHD: Your Trusted Health Benefits Vendor Management Partner

Whether it’s health benefits, retirement, or other financial benefits, LHD is ready to help. Our passion is data-driven results, which means we’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to not only control the cost of your benefit plans, but to also better serve your employees. The better your health benefits plan, the healthier, happier, and more productive your workforce will be. This can result in less turnover, better retention, and more loyal employees, all of which benefit the bottom line. We’ve been getting fantastic results for our clients for more than two decades, with a 96% retention rate—something we are very proud of. If it’s time for your company to optimize its benefit plans, please feel free to get in touch through the Contact page of our website, by telephone at 371.751.7049, or by email at lhdbenefits@lhdbenefits.com. We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and your needs, and serving you with the attention and care you deserve!

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