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Workvivo, an enterprise workplace engagement app, conducted a survey of 520 human resources professionals in the US and the UK and discovered something disturbing: 98% percent of HR professionals consider themselves to be in a state of burnout. In one sense, this should come as no surprise. When the worst of the pandemic caused so many businesses to come to a screeching halt and many people were laid off or let go, it was the HR departments who had to dispense all the bad news. And when it was time to scramble to figure out remote work, it was HR who had to step up.

Throughout the worst and lingering effects of the pandemic disrupting workplaces everywhere, including the resignation of many HR staff, it’s HR who is also left to pick up the pieces and make it all work. More recently, workplaces are demanding HR deliver big headcount growth and reduce voluntary turnover. No wonder burnout is so high! The Workvivo survey went on to detail just how bad the situation is for HR teams today:

● 94% reported feeling overwhelmed in the past six months.
● 88% said they dreaded going to work.
● 97% indicated they felt emotionally fatigued from work during the past year.
● 78% reported they are open to leaving their job this year.
● 73% say the HR department is too under-resourced to do their job well.

At a time when companies across America need their existing workforce to be healthier and as stable as possible, HR teams are in the worst possible frame of mind to make it happen. Can your HR staff give the time and attention needed to really do right by health benefits administration? We hope you’ll see the need to take some of the pressure off HR by taking advantage of LHD’s health benefits administration management services.

The LHD Vendor Management Process

At LHD, we offer a multi-step process for total vendor management. This will take a huge burden off the shoulders of your HR team so they can focus on other priorities. With LHD as your liaison with vendors, you can rely on our proactive team approach throughout the following process:

  • Step 1 RFP: This is where we handle the all-important request for proposal piece of the puzzle to negotiate with vendors to obtain the most competitive annual renewal.
  • Step 2 Implementation: In this step, we help administer the year’s benefit changes with the carrier and resolve any issues.
  • Step 3 Contract Review: Too often, this essential step is overlooked. LHD will carefully review the quality and accuracy of all contracts.
  • Step 4 Client Management: Here is where LHD helps with HR training, making any term and contact changes, and assists with managing payroll updates.
  • Step 5 Benefit Administration: LHD’s benefit administration system simplifies onboarding, management, and renewal.
  • Step 6 Customer Service: We offer ongoing customer services for claims, Rx, eligibility, or billing issues.

This page focuses on the fourth step of the vendor management process, which is Benefits Administration.

How LHD Does Health Benefits Administration Management

There’s a lot that goes into health benefits administration management, and LHD brings both the technology and the expertise needed to become an extension of your HR team while lightening the number of demands on them. Our passion for data-driven analysis also means we’re constantly keeping an eye out for opportunities to better manage, control, and even reduce the cost of your health benefits and health care spend. Given the state of HR today at most companies, can you really afford to not get the extra support that comes with putting LHD on the job for health benefits administration management?

The healthcare landscape is constantly shifting, changing, and evolving, and so must the health benefit plans of employers. It’s a lot to keep track of, which is where LHD can help with skilled oversight from the professional experts on our team. We also put a significant amount of time and effort into exploring a wide variety of different benefits administration platforms and settled on one that has outshined the rest: PlanSource. This cloud-based app has become the cornerstone of how we help companies handle benefits enrollment,
compliance, and administration. Learn more about the advantages of working with LHD and our go-to app for benefits administration on the following pages:

Deep Expertise: Experienced in benefits technology, with a suite of complementary services.
Intuitive & Mobile-Friendly: Desktop and mobile experience designed for employees and HR teams.
Sophisticated Technology: Offering complete and comprehensive benefit programs.
Modern Integrations: PlanSource integrates with leading insurance carriers and HCM systems.

When your HR team realizes how much of their health benefits administration management can be handled by LHD, they will feel a level of relief they haven’t felt for the last several years. And it will let them turn more of their focus on other HR priorities important to your company.

LHD: High-Performing Health Benefit Plans for Employers

At LHD, our health benefits administration management services represent just one piece of everything we can do for your employee benefit plans, whether related to health plans, retirement, and other financial benefit plans. Our website is packed with content describing all our different services in detail, so please feel free to browse through those pages to see how we can help your company achieve better benefits. After you’ve had a chance to see what we do and how we do it, ask yourself this question: Are you ready to work with a health
benefits advisor you can trust and who is passionate about data-driven results? If so, then we look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch through the Contact page of our website, by telephone at 371.751.7049, or by email at lhdbenefits@lhdbenefits.com. We are ready to help!



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